Industries & Applications

ITM4 products are used in completed HVAC air handling units and distributed to customers worldwide in the following industries.




Operating rooms demand low humidity (35-55% RH) and cool environments (60-68° F). Medical Facilities commonly use our Thermal Break Technology and can benefit from our Apex Plus PA2TB and PA4TB Access Doors depending on the environment of the air handler. Our wall panels, doors and viewports are designed to meet your stringent medical specifications offering the lowest tested leakage of air and water on the industry.

Applications: Hospital Operating Rooms, Medical Centers, Hospitals, Clinics





Government buildings face a wide range of complexities from government mandated energy regulations, reliability and meeting rigid safety specifications. Our HVAC access doors, plenum walls, and viewports have been installed in government grade air handlers located both internationally and domestically. We offer custom configurations and co-engineered solutions with a variety of options to meet your budget and specifications.

Applications: Embassies, Armed Forces Bases, Federal Buildings, Libraries





When you are challenged with providing a low relative humidity and small temperature variance like laboratories and clean rooms, our Genesis Access Doors are a great choice depending on the environment of the air handler. With the lowest tested leakage of air and water on the market as well as the ability to meet ISO, US FED and BS 5295 cleanroom standards, your customers will have peace of mind knowing that their critical environments are protected with the top HVAC access doors in the industry.

Applications: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Data Centers, Research Laboratories, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Biotechnology, Life Sciences





Comfortable classrooms and safe environments for high occupancy K-12 schools and higher education centers is difficult to achieve. Student retention, faculty satisfaction and productivity are all linked to air handling. Our staff has co-engineered and manufactured HVAC Access Doors and Wall Panels for some of the largest and most reputable education centers in the world.

Applications: Elementary Schools, Libraries, Sports Venues, Recreation Centers, Universities





Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you design and specify solutions for custom designed commercial air handlers. We provide a variety of products that can be installed in custom air handlers within large buildings, complexes, and shopping centers.

Applications: High Rise Buildings, Corporate Campuses, Shopping Centers, Shopping Malls, Retail Stores, Restaurants